Blood Donation – Life Donation – District SP Rahul Hegde IPS

RSD_Blood donation

On 19.10.2022, as a part of STU Vajrotsavam, STU Rajanna attended the blood donation camp organized under the Sircilla district branch at the government hospital in Sircilla town and inaugurated the blood donation camp as the chief guest.

Later SP said that STU (Rashtropadyaya Sangam) organization of blood donation camp as a part of union social service is a good result. He said that human service is service  to GOD and blood donation is vital. He said that it is difficult for the poor and vulnerable groups who are struggling with many health problems to get blood and such blood donation programs will be very useful for the society. Last month too, SI, Constable, Group 1, held a motivation session for the unemployed who were preparing for all kinds of competitive examinations and appreciated him for taking the lead in social service.

Hospital Superintendent Muralidhar Rao, STU District President General Secretaries Mogili Laxman, Revoju Sadananda President General Secretaries of all Mandals, State Incharge Naveen, District Secretary Sriramulu, Kishan, Zakir, Kannayya, Mahesh, Jagadish, Srinivas, Ramana, Ramesh, Prem Kumar, Ramesh were present in this program. Besides, 30 teachers participated and donated blood.