Smoke in East Coast Train

RSD_Smoke in east coast train

RSD- Mahbubabad news: East Coast Super Fast Train smokes. This incident took place in Mahabubabad district. Kuravi mandal Gudratamadugu railway station, East Coast train suddenly smoke. The passengers ran away in fear. The incident took place while the train was going from Hyderabad to Shalimar. The incident took place on 06.09.2023 afternoon and the train stopped for half an hour due to smoke.

Loco pilot stopped the train at Gundrathimadugu station due to smoke. After receiving the information from the passengers, the railway staff immediately reached the spot. After bringing the smoke under control in the train, the train left. It seems that a passenger was responsible for the fumes. At Mahabubabad railway station, a passenger was left behind by a train chain. Due to this, the train started to move and after going for a short distance, the brakes were applied, and suddenly there was a puff of smoke. The staff is trying to find out who the passenger is who pulled the chain.