Special attention of the district police department on social media posts

RSD_Social media posts are checked

RSD- District news: 11 people who made inappropriate comments on social media within Konaraopet and Illanthakunta Police Stations have been bound over and in view of such incidents, the District Police Department has taken strict legal action against such persons and WhatsApp group admins with a special focus on those who hurt the sentiments of others on social media and make personal criticisms.
During the upcoming festivals and elections, whoever posts on social media to create differences and enmity between castes, religions, parties and communities against the law, those who posted forwarded posts in WhatsApp groups and the admins of those groups will be warned that action will be taken according to the law. It is advised to think twice, and the group admins should have full control over the group and ensure that no illegal posts are posted and peace and security is not disturbed.