Sudden attack by police on a poker base

RSD- Boinpally news: SI Mahender said that, according to the solid information that they were secretly playing poker in the suburbs of Malkapur village under Boinpally station, he and his staff attacked the poker base on 07.09.2023 afternoon and caught 06 people who were playing poker and caught Rs. 15,000/ from them. He said that a case has been registered against them.
Being accustomed to easy earnings, some people are addicted to bad addictions and commit illegal activities like this and destroy families by pawning jewellery and vehicles. Strict action will be taken against them. If anyone know that such unsocial activities are going on in their area, it should be immediately informed to the concerned police, the details of those who have given the information will be kept confidential.
Details of Poker Players

  1. Rangi Durgaiah, s/o Narsaiah age 66y, Malkapur Village
  2. Korepu Prabhakar, s/o Rajaiah, age 46y, Malkapur Village
  3. Korepu Babu, s/o Bhumaiah, age 45y, Malkapur village
    4.Mohammed Lal Mohammed s/o Mustan,age 50y Village Malkapur.
  4. Algunuri Anjaiah, s/o Kondaiah, age 39y, Malkapur village.
  5. Edapelli Ellaiah, Malkapur village.