Strong measures to eradicate cannabis and drugs in the district

RSD – Tippapur news: Often we will register the PD Act if illegal trafficking and sale of ganja is done. In the last two months, 32 cases of ganja were registered in the district, 42 people were arrested and 33 kg and 566 grams of ganja were seized. District SP Akhil Mahajan IPIS., said that on 07.11.2023, Neil Kantu Padal, 24, from the state of Orissa, under the direction of the district task force staff CI Ravikumar. According to reliable information, the person named Neil Kantu Padal was arrested at Tippapur bus stand while the person was coming from Orissa to sell ganja illegally and 4 kg of ganja was seized.

Special plans have been set up for the district police to eliminate the possession of cannabis and narcotics in the district and regular inspections are being conducted in the mandals and villages. Act to be registered. Many young people are committing crimes under the influence of ganja and are spending their life in prison. The youth are ruining their golden future by getting addicted to ganja and drugs. During the past two months in the district, 52 people were arrested in 32 cases and 33 kg 566 grams of ganja were seized.