Telangana School Bandh on 5th July – protest against Tersa government

 The Tersa government’s way of undermining government schools and promoting private corporate powers is being questioned in the form of strike on July 5th by declaring Telangana School Bandh by ABVP. The ABVP State Hostels Co-Convenor Maraveni Ranjith Kumar spoke in this regard and said that Telangana Schools Co-Convenor has organized Telangana Schools Bandh on today to protest against the tyrannical attitude of Telangana government which is neglecting government schools and encouraging private corporate forces. The government has announced that it will strengthen public school education and provide infrastructure through the Mana Ooru-Mana Badi program, but even after the start of the academic year, at least textbooks and school dresses have not been distributed and funds have not been released. Even though the Minister of Education himself announced in January that he would implement Fee Control Act to control the extortion of fees by private corporate forces, the government did not take steps in that direction and did not take any steps to control the fees. While torturing the middle class people, many schools are giving admission only if they pay 60% fee on the day of admission, they said that the government is acting like a liar and giving importance to the private corporate forces. For the last eight years, the Terasa government has been neglecting the government schools, not making appointments, not releasing funds, not providing infrastructure, and undermining the school education of the poor. On the one hand, Badugu is conspiring to deprive the students of the weaker sections of education, and on the other hand, the private corporate forces are encouraging them to run hundreds of branches under the same name in violation of government regulations and incur fees of lakhs of rupees. The control of the officials of the education department, who have committed open robbery, is null and void. So, ABVP Telangana branch has organized a Telangana School Bandh today  to protest against the tyrannical attitude of the Tersa government which is neglecting government schools and encouraging private corporate forces.


1 Books and dresses should be provided promptly in government schools.

2 Funds should be released and infrastructure should be provided for the Mana Ooru-Mana Badi program announced by the government.

3 Vacant teaching, DEO, MEO posts in school education should be filled immediately.

4 Good quality mid-day meal should be provided in government schools.

5 High fees in private corporate schools should be controlled and uniform fees should be fixed.

6 Corporate schools running illegally under the same name should be banned.

7 Strict action should be taken against the private corporate bodies collecting fees in the name of books, dress and donation.

8 Fee Control Act should be implemented.

9 Right to Education Act should be implemented.

Samanapally Prashant SFD convener Lopeli Raju Tarun Hemant Praveen Manikantha Rohit Shri Charan Metresh Pawan Bhaskar participated in this program.