Thefts in Sircilla by Satyam and Laxmi – Police arrested them with proofs

RSD_ theft items recovered

In the press conference, SP said that  Vaddepalli Satyam is a resident of Ooturu village in Manakondur mandal. And went there 12 years ago because of his relatives in Gambhiraupeta village for survival and worked there for 2 years. And came to Sircilla 10 years ago as there was no work there and since then he has been living in Sircilla doing manual labor. Dandungula Lakshmi was introduced to him when he went to Sircilla’s labor camp, and since the last (6) years they have been living together by renting a room in Venkampeta, Sircilla. He used to drink and was habituated to free life. Satyam started stealing because the money he got from working was not enough for his needs and wants. After coming out of jail, he used to work as usual, drinking and partying. Whenever he got a chance, he used to steal something. Sometimes Dandungula Lakshmi also used to go for theft. The accused two picked locked houses in Sircilla and carried out several thefts and sold the stolen gold items. On 26-09-2022 the Sircilla police caught them cleverly and took them to the big market in Sircilla and recovered gold ornaments worth ( 684) Grams, silver jewellery total weight (272) grams, one rod, one apple company laptop total value 4,50,000/- Rupees were seized. Similarly people should not keep large amount of gold ornaments, cash at home. SP said that it is good to keep it in house during festivals, but during other times, when the house owners go on long trips outside, they should inform the local police station or the village police officer or the locals around the house. The role of CCTV cameras in crime control is important and everyone should install CCTV cameras.

Details of offenders

A1. Vaddepalli Satyam @ Erukala Satyam s/o Rajaiah, 42 years, Padmasali, r/o Ooturu,(v),Manakondur (m) and Gambhiraopet (v & m), present residence Gandhinagar, Sirisilla

A2. Dandungula Lakshmi w/o late Peddarajam, 40 years, Caste: Vaddera, r/o Ippappalli Potharam v/o Kathalapur Mandal, Jagitial District. Present residence Venkapet, Sirisilla.

Details of the thefts committed by the accused

1.Crime Number with Sub-section Cr. No. 447/2021, U/Sec. 454, 380 IPC of PS Sircilla

Place of offence: JP Nagar, Sircilla

2.Cr. No. 593/2021, U/sec. 380 IPC of PS Sircilla .Place of offence: PS Nagar, Sircilla

3.Cr. No. 58/2022, U/sec. 457, 380 IPC of PS Sircilla. Place of offence: Padmanagar, Sircilla.

4.Cr. No. 258/2022, U/sec. 457, 380 IPC of PS Sircilla.Place of offence: Shanthinagar, Sircilla.

5.Cr. No. 286/2022, U/Sec. 457, 380 IPC of PS Sircilla Place of offence: Ananthanagar, Sircilla.

6.Cr. No. 305/2022, U/sec. 457, 380 IPC of PS Sircila Place of offence: Old Bus Stand, Sircilla.

7.Cr. No. 343/2022, U/sec. 457, 380 IPC of PS Sircilla.Place of offence: Sardarnagar, Sircilla.

8.Cr. No.352/2022, U/sec. 457, 380 IPC of PS Sircilla.Place of offence: Pragathinagar, Sircilla.

Additional SP Chandraiah, DSP Vishwaprasad, CI Anil Kumar, SI Srikanth, Crime Constable Gopal, Srikanth, Head Constable Padma, Srinivas, Rangopal, participated in this press conference.