TSRTC cash prize to drivers and conductors

RSD-Mahbubabad news: On 21.11.2023, Depot Manager M Sivaprasad gave a cash prize to the conductors and team drivers who achieved the highest increase in target income for the month of October 2023 in Mahabubabad Depot. He urged them to work hard, among the conductors who earned the highest income in the express section: A.R. Alwar, T. Krishnaiah, P. Ashok, in the palle velugu buses section: K. Srinivas, MD. Yakub Pasha, MD. Irfan Ahmed and team driver section: B Ramesh, D Surya, D Nagaraju are present in this program Traffic Superintendent D. Venkanna, Gopi. Srinu, B. N. Rao, Md. Nabi and depot employees participated.