Turning point in the phone tapping case

RSD_Turning point in phone tapping case

RSD-Hyderabad news:  The task force personnel entered the field together to distribute the money related to the then ruling party at the field level. To move money from one area to another, the money was moved in task force vehicles along with the government leaders of the day. Radha Kishan Rao used several SSIs working in the task force team as part of this. The police will take Radha Kishan Rao into custody and conduct an investigation based on the statements of the staff who did as he said.In order to keep the tapping process highly confidential, policemen belonging to the same social class were made as members of their team. As part of this, Tirupati anna, Bhujanga Rao, Radha Kishan Rao, Venugopala Rao, Praneet Rao etc. have been given key postings in SIB Task Force Intelligence Departments.

The phones of those speaking against the ruling party, the phones of rebel leaders, the phones of leaders from other parties who want to join the ruling party, and even the MLAs of their own party were monitored and tapped. The tapping batch has technically kept the entire political system in their hands. Many leaders have alleged that their phones were tapped during the BRS government. The Special Team Police have arrested four people in this case so far. Praneet Rao, Bhujanga Rao, Thirupatanna and Radha Kishan Rao have been included as accused. In the wake of the latest developments, the retired IG will also appear before the police for questioning. Police is preparing to issue notices to BRS leaders based on their statements.