“Women must overcome mental stress” – Psychologist Punnamchandar

Mind Care and Counseling Center Govt. District Hospital organized a psycho development seminar for beedi preparing women today at Baddam Ellareddy Nagar by renowned psychologist K. Punnamchander. Speaking on this occasion, Punnamchandar said that women should overcome mental pressure. He said that the cause of many problems in women is mental stress, women are facing many challenges in their daily life and every obstacle leads to mental conflict. Mental and physical illnesses arise from the conflicts of how to deal with problems. Every disease is related to mental stress. Mental toughness prevents many health problems. Chronic mental stress can lead to mental disorders, depression, insomnia, fear, anxiety, irritability, and anger.

He said that mental stress in daily family life makes a person vulnerable to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, skin allergies, ulcers, cancers and ailments. Women were given many suggestions about ways to overcome mental stress such as planning activities, meditation, yoga, pranayama, thinking less about things that are out of our hands, eating nutritious food, maintaining cleanliness, accepting obstacles as challenges rather than problems. He said that every problem has a solution and there are no problems without a solution. In case of any problem, women are advised to contact the Mind Care Center without delay for counselling, treatment and appropriate advice. Rapelli Lata, Konda Uma, Boora Srimati, Vemula Annapurna and women participated in this program.