Active leader, artist Daruvu Ellanna fire on Congress and BJP parties

RSD-Sircilla news: Telangana activist and artist Daruvu Ellanna questioned the Congress and BJP parties by saying, “Tyagalu Mavi Bogali Meeva” meaning sacrifices are ours and you are enjoying the results. He spoke at a press conference organized at Sircilla Press Club on 29.10.2023. He made it clear that if he worked hard in the BJP party, he was side lined during the elections and he resigned from the BJP party because he was treated unfairly. Congress and BJP parties pretended to be scapegoats and said they had done injustice to Telangana student activists and were giving tickets only to those who have money. He said that he was treated unfairly by both the parties. As a witness of the sacrifices of the student martyrs, the student leaders who risked their lives in the Telangana movement and went to jail were used till the elections and injustice was done by not giving them tickets in the elections. There are many student leaders in both the parties and not a single student leader has been given a ticket in 119 constituencies. One party said that Telangana was given, the other party said that they supported. Both parties criticized that they did not allow Telangana to be launched for their own selfish interests. He said that the time has come for activists, students and intellectuals to unite and open the curtain towards another movement in the public sphere. They said that they will support the movement parties, leaving aside the parties that do not have faith. He said that we should save Telangana ourselves, the old days are coming again. He reminded that Telangana was achieved by persuading the leadership in Delhi. The student leaders in the BJP and Congress parties have called for thinking and supporting the movement parties.