BJP MLA candidate Rani Rudramadevi at Sircilla

RSD- Sircilla news: Rani Rudrama Reddy, BJP MLA candidate for Sircilla constituency, said that they will break down the fortresses of Yuvaraj KTR and raise the saffron flag in Sircilla. She held a press conference along with district president Pratapa Ramakrishna in Sircilla town on 29.10.2023. In the meeting, Rani Rudrama said that Sircilla constituency is not new to her and she made it clear that she has an inexhaustible bond in Sircilla. Arrogant Minister KTR was furious that if he attacked the BRS leaders, instead of filing cases against them, illegal cases were filed against local BJP workers. If there is a baton charge on the BJP workers, they expressed that their eyes were filled with tears when they saw the beaten workers. She said that in the cess elections, the BJP candidates faced each other like you or me, BRS won by holding on to power and the moral victory was BJP’s. She reminded that he was appointed Ruling in-charge after the CESS elections. BJP leaders and activists who contested against KCR in Sircilla are fighting. She said that the leaders who are not afraid of cases are the leaders of Sircilla BJP, and after the victory of Bandi Sanjay as MP in Sircilla, where Prince KTR is located, the BJP party has become stronger. She said that she was not born in Sircilla but she has good relations with the people of this region and she was welcomed. She said that she may be an MLA candidate, but every worker is an MLA candidate. She said that Bharatiya Janata Party workers will fight for the cause of dharma for the country. She said that Sircilla is in the ring as per the orders of the party, and the corrupt rule of Sircilla will end. She said that the people of Telangana are looking for Modi’s leadership and the party has given her an opportunity to contest from Sircilla. She thanked the central and state party leaders for giving her the opportunity. Sircilla BJP leaders started the campaign with the support of activists and expressed confidence that they will hoist the saffron flag on Sircilla land. She wanted the blessings of the people of the Sircilla constituency to be upon her.