Awareness program on importance of fruits and vegetables in everyday diet- Sircilla Agricultural college

On 18.02.2022, Agricultural college Sircilla and TS Science and Technology Council has organized an awareness program on fruits and vegetables importance in daily diet at ZPHS, Racharla village for students. In this program by exhibiting many kinds of fruits and vegetables, their nutritive values have been explained by Smt. K.Bhavyasri, Assistant professor, Horticulture Department.

The problems and diseases occurrence if fruits and vegetables are not made a part of daily diet were explained by Dr.T.Umamaheswari, Associate professor and she said that every day atleast we should ‘Eat A Rainbow’ which means fruits and vegetables that are  present in the colors of rainbow should be taken daily. Dr. Arun Kumar has organized this program for which Dr. R. Satish has taken part.