Minister KTR in Yuva Atmiya Sammelan

RSD – Sircilla news: TRS Working President and Minister KTR said that Revanth Reddy is sure to go to jail any moment in the vote banknote case. On 27.10.2023, KTR made sensational remarks at the Yuva Atmiya Sammelanam organized under the BRS Party’s Sircilla town branch. If the money is distributed in the election, a case of money laundering has been registered against Revanth Reddy, Revanth Reddy can go to jail at any moment and the Congress party will be without guarantee. He said that the Congress party was born 150 years ago and Mahatma Gandhi said to throw away the party after independence. He said that it was the Congress party that married Andhra and Telangana in 1968, and it married Telangana for the second time during Indira Gandhi’s regime. He said that in 2014, the Congress party had given Telangana state without any direction, and they had not done anything for the state after 55 years of power. In 2014, central government said that theywould deposit 15 lakhs in the accounts of Modi Jan Dan Yojana, but not deposited it till now. Bandi Sanjay wants to say that Modi is god because he has increased the prices of petrol and gas and not providing 2 crore jobs every year. They protested that the flag of India was hoisted a hundred times for the same train, Sircilla was not given a single power loom cluster, and at least Bandi Sanjay did not even try for it.

During the Congress government, the officials wrote on the walls that leaders should commit suicide, and they wanted to find out whether it was true or not. KTR made it clear that the Congress and BJP parties are looking to distribute money, but he will not distribute money or medicine in elections. He said that he got an identity with Sircilla’s kindness and that Sircilla would repay the debt. He said that even in his dream no one thought that Sircilla would develop so much and no one thought that so many colleges would come up. If the Congress leaders there are jealous because of Sircilla, the Congress leaders here are saying that there has been no development. He reminded that Maneru river, which is like a puddle, has 365 days water and whether it is the KCR government that has changed it like Sajeeva Jaladara. He said that worker to owner sheds are not available anywhere in the country, they are building worker to owner sheds with 400 crores and Aquahub is going to be established in 375 acres. He said that they are bringing food processing units and Sircilla has changed significantly in terms of development and welfare. He said that caste and religion will come forward to garner votes when elections come, and his religion is the welfare of his caste. He asked the people to know his performance of fourteen and a half years and to use the weapon of vote to win the good candidate. Congress and BJP parties are campaigning on social media in order to divert the youth by showing that whether they have worked or not, they have asked to share old photos of Sircilla before 2014 and how it is now on social media. BRS District President Thota Agaiah, Town President Jindam Chakrapani, Student Section President Harish, Town Youth President Manoj, Vice President Sikander, Municipal Councilors and a large number of youth participated in this meeting.