Blindfold protest at MRO office for Govt. Degree College – Ellareddypet

RSD_Blindfold protest

A protest in front of MRO office with black blindfolds. Govt degree college should be set up immediately in Ellareddypet mandal center otherwise Minister KTR will be stopped. Considering the students who have been agitating for the formation of government college in Ellareddypet mandal center since 10 years, Terasa government is deceiving the people and students of its own constituency. Every year 2000 students who have completed inter are moving away for further studies. If there is sincerity, the degree college should be granted immediately, otherwise the district should be turned around. Minister KTR has not fulfilled his promise on April 22, 2017 after making many movements for the establishment of a government degree college. KTR, who cheated the students, should resign immediately. Degree for college is being given without coming to college. Minister is working hard for party fund in election. KTR, son and daughter are studying in corporate and our poor below poverty and weak tribal students are not getting degree. It is a shame that the local public representatives who have done many movements have not responded. The students of tribal communities are staying away from the degree college or education locally. In Ellareddipet mandal every year two thousand people complete the inter in which poor students cannot afford to study more. Weak tribal students are unable to study and migrate to Gulf countries like Dubai Muscat, so it is demanded to set up a college immediately.