Chocolate ganja at Sircilla,three arrested

RSD_ Chocolate ganja at Sircilla

RSD- Sircilla news:From the arrested 550 grams of cannabis, 29 chocolates made from cannabis were seized

Details of charges.

  1. Yuvraj Singh Father: Ranjit Singh, 20s, r/o Sundarayyanagar, Sircilla.
  2. Konda Ranjit Kumar Father: Ramesh , 26 years, r/o Venkampet, Present: Shivanagar, Sircilla.
  3. MD Gaus, Father Kaja, 23 Nos., BY Nagar, Sircilla.

Town Inspector Upender disclosed the details in Sircilla town police station.

CI Upender said that
A person named Yuvraj from Sundarayyanagar in Sircilla town bought ganja and ganja made chocolates from an unknown person from Nanded and brought them to Sircilla and he was earning money by selling ganja made chocolates to those who drink ganja in Sircilla .In the same order, when he brought ganja and chocolate to the Madelayya temple at Bathukamma Theppa in Sircilla and was ready to sell it in front of the temple, he was caught and 250 grams of ganja and 29 chocolates made of ganja were seized from him.

Similarly, Konda Ranjit Kumar, who was addicted to ganja, bought ganja from an unknown person in Karimnagar and hid it in the bushes of trees near Ragudu Ellamma temple and was roaming around suspiciously while smoking ganja and selling ganja to people who smoke and 120 grams of ganja was seized from him.

A person named MD Gaus from BY Nagar, Sircilla town was addicted to ganja and brought ganja to unknown persons in deluxe two wheeler and was trying to sell it to the regular ganja smokers in Ragudu suburbs. Gaus, who refused to accept the crime, was taken into custody.

Sircilla Town CI Upender said that the above three persons were remanded in ganja cases.

As a result of this, the public is informed that since marijuana is also smuggled in the form of chocolate, there is a possibility that the youth can easily become addicted to marijuana and destroy their lives, so parents should be careful with their children and keep an eye on them. CI Upender said that he can provide information to them. Similarly, he warned that strict action will be taken against those who smuggled ganja.