Countdown has begun for MLC Kavitha?

RSD_ MLC Kavitha in liquor scam arrest

RSD- Rangareddy District: Sukesh Chandrasekhar wrote a sensational letter from jail on the arrest of MLC Kavitha. So far he has released many letters targeting Kavitha. Kavitha also posted the details of the chat between her and him on social media. Over the years, false cases, false accusations, and political partisanship have all been proven to be lies. Sukesh stated in the letter that the truth has come out after all these years.

“You have to know what real power is. Have to face. No one thought I could do anything. But in the new India, law is the most powerful of all. I have included 2 points in my previously released letters to the media. One of them is the defeat of BRS in the Telangana assembly elections. The second is the countdown for Kavitha to join Tihar club. Both of these seem to be true now. The Pandora’s Box of corruption has opened with Kavitha’s arrest. Along with Kavitha, all the wrongdoings done by her corrupt assistants and king of corruption Arvind Kejriwal will be revealed.

Thousands of crores of public money has been looted and sent to countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and Germany. I think whoever meant it understood it. Kavitha‚Äôs stories, Range Rover collection stories, Goa stories, contract stories revealed by me through WhatsApp chat screenshots were found to be true in the investigation. There is no way out for Kavitha now to escape. Still my request is only one. Don’t try to hide the truth to save the mastermind of corruption Arvind Kejriwal. Because the people and courts of this country know the truth. There is sufficient evidence for this.

Anyway I will see you face to face soon as part of ED and CBI confrontation Kavitha.Welcome to our greatest Tihar Jail Kavitha.Your other brother Arvind Kejriwal, the mastermind of corruption, has made all the arrangements to give you a luxurious life in jail. Before ending this letter, I want to say one more thing. ‘The movie is still left’. Kejriwal ji. You are next. No matter how hard you try, it is not possible. The film reaches its climax. Kejriwal ji. I welcome my brothers and sisters to Tihar Club,” said Sukesh Chandrasekhar in the letter.