DGP encountered with cybercriminal call and escaped merely

RSD_ DGP merely escaped from cyber criminals fraud

RSD-Hyderabad news: If we are cheated by someone, we go to the police. Some policemen also fall victim to fraudsters. But if the police base is affected by cyber criminals, to whom should we tell. Telangana DGP Ravigupta has faced such a situation. But the fraudsters could not do anything to the DGP as they were alert in advance. The Telangana police boss himself revealed how the cyber criminals tried to cheat him and how he escaped from them. DGP Ravigupta participated in the program organized by the Cyber Security Bureau at the Police Command Control Center in Hyderabad. On this occasion, the DGP spoke on the issues of cyber crime control and creating awareness among the people. The DGP said that educated people are among the victims of cyber crimes. He was also a victim of cyber fraudsters. DGP Ravigupta said that once he got a phone call while he was at the airport, he spoke because he was waiting for the flight. But he said that the person made him to trust with his words and sent some YouTube links. He said that he had liked the YouTube videos as they said, and that his bank details had reached them. He said that he put Rs.150 in his account to further tempt him. But Ravigupta said that he left because there was no money in his account. The DGP said that as he is aware of cyber crimes, he uses two bank accounts, one for stashing money and another for online payments. He said that if he has to make online payments, he will deposit money from the account where the money is hidden into the account in the zero account , he will make payments from that. Ravigupta said that this saved him from cybercriminals. The miscreants who obtained his zero account details left him because no money in account. DGP Ravigupta suggested that everyone should be aware of cyber frauds.