Wife’s taunting husband on financial status is also cruel says High Court

RSD_ Wife taunting husband financial status lead to divorce

RSD- Delhi news: The Delhi High Court said that the wife’s frequent criticism and taunting of the husband about his financial status is also mental cruelty. It said that in cases of such cruelty, the husband gets the right to seek divorce. A division bench comprising Justices Suresh Kumar Kaith and Neena Bansal Krishna said that it is not right for the wife to force the husband to fulfill dreams of wife beyond his financial means. It is not proper for a wife to put pressure on her husband by dwelling on unnecessary issues. This leaves no place for contentment and peace in life. The mental pressure on the husband increases.

Those in married life should be careful about their needs and desires,” the bench suggested. A family court allowed a petition filed by a man for divorce because he could not bear the torture of his wife. Challenging this, the Delhi High Court made the above comments while hearing the appeal petition filed by the woman. Upheld the orders passed by the family court allowing the aggrieved husband to seek divorce. The court expressed its anger over the wife’s torture of the husband by repeatedly telling him that he had taken a loan of Rs.8 thousand from her parents. The court also faulted her for forcing her husband to shift the family from Haryana to Delhi.