Encouraging Palm oil plantation in Telangana region –TRS government

Palm oil plantation

Today in the program of planting palm oil plants in the oil farm plantations being set up by Rythu Gaddam Srinivas in the local 8th ward, NAFSCOB Chairman Mr. Konduri Ravinder Rao, Municipal Council President Mrs. Kala Chakrapani, District Farmer Coordination Committee President Gaddam Narsaiah and TRS District presidents of the party, Thota Agaiya, were the chief guests. They said that Chief Minister KCR has given high priority for the welfare of farmers by organizing many welfare schemes.  He said that Kaleswaram Project is a great Bhagirath which has flowed water to high areas through the uplifting scheme. Through mission Kakatiya, the construction of new canals and the linking of rivers, reservoirs and ponds in the Telangana region’s efforts to make it available with water even during the hot summer season. As a result of this, the underground water level has also increased.

CM said that due to excessive cultivation of rice, which is the main crop in our state, the stock of rice grain is increasing beyond the requirement. So all farmers should take a note of this and grow commercial crops like groundnut, sunflower, pulses, sweet grains, various vegetables and palm oil plantations as alternative crops to rice.

As a part of that, minister KTR spoke to the owners of the palm oil manufacturing industry and reminded them that, while working hard to establish palm oil manufacturing industries in our region, they will take the farmers to visit the palm oil plantations to make the farmers fully aware of the cultivation of palm oil plantations. Minister KTR said that all the arrangements have been made so that the industries can buy the harvested crops directly from the farmers by providing subsidies on the part of the government for the cultivation of palm oil plantations.

In this regard, NAFSCOB Chairman Konduri Ravinder Rao said that loans will be provided through cooperative banks for the cultivation of oil palm plantations and facilities will be provided to pay the bank loans only after the crops are received. Moreover, the cooperative banks will provide full support for the establishment of oil farms. According to the ideas of CM KCR, with the cooperation of minister KTR, almost 400 acres of oil farm plants have been planted across the district so far.

In this program, Municipal Vice Chairman Manche Srinivas, Mandal Rythu Coordinating Committee President Vojjala Aggi Ramulu, Councilor members, Bukhya Reddy Naik, Lingampally Satyanarayana, Kalluri Latha Madhugaru, Kalluri Raju, Gentyala Srinivas, Akula Krishna (Chinna) and other public representatives were present . Public representatives, TRS party chief leaders, members of the Rythu Gahodha Samithi, Horticulture Department District Officer Jyoti, Agriculture Department officials and staff and farmers have participated.