Everyone should participate in drug control says government Whip Adi Srinivas

RSD_ De-addiction center opening in district

RSD- Sircilla news:  A society with well-behaved citizens is the source of rapid progress said District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS., Establishment of “De-addiction” under District Police Department. Government Whip Adi Srinivas along with District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS, inaugurated the “De-Addiction” Center established under the District Police Department at Basti Davakhana in Rajiv Nagar in the district headquarters. Government Whip praised the initiation of “De-addiction” center named Operation Vimukti at Basti Dawakhana in Rajiv Nagar in the district center with the special initiative of District SP Akhil Mahajan to guide those who are ruining their lives due to addiction to drugs.

Importance of de-addiction center

● Arrange counseling with Psychologist and Psychiatrists for two hours every morning and evening.

● Provision of free medicine for quick recovery of drug addicts.

● An arrangement under the direction of the police department to take necessary accommodation facilities and hospital expenses to those who have participated in counseling at the de-addiction center will be transferred to the hospital in Hyderabad and wait until they are fully recovered.

On this occasion, the Government Whip said that according to the directives of the Chief Minister of the State A. Revanth Reddy, the youth who decide the future of the country have taken measures in the state to prevent them from getting affected by marijuana and drugs. The government is going ahead with a bold decision like no other state to eradicate drugs. Control of marijuana and drugs is a social responsibility. They want to feel that under the influence of drugs the youth are addicted to intoxicants and destroying their golden future. It is everyone’s responsibility to control ganja and other intoxicants which are standing as an obstacle to the progress of the youth and everyone should participate in the control of drugs and guide those addicted to drugs to the right path. He said that the actions are appreciable. He said that we will provide our best assistance to the police department in the eradication of narcotics and cannabis in the district. After that, District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS said that citizens with good behaviour are the foundation of tomorrow’s future and it is the responsibility of everyone to protect such citizens from becoming addicted to drugs. Apart from taking special measures to eliminate the use of ganja and drugs in the district, anti-drug clubs have been formed in the district to educate the students about the harm caused by drugs. To guide those who are addicted to drugs on the right path, a de-addiction center has been established and medical facilities are provided along with counseling with psychologist and psychiatrist doctors. He said to contact your nearest police station for registration and other information for counseling in de-addiction center. For information related to cannabis and narcotics, message your SP WhatsApp number 6303 922 572. Contact Special Branch Inspector Anil Kumar phone number 8712656411 for further registration and other information for counseling in de-addiction center. Additional SP Chandraiah, DSP Uday Reddy, Incharge DMHO Rajitha, Chikoti Santosh (Superintendent Govt Hospital Sircilla, Psychiatrists Dr. Praveen Kumar, Dr. Satish, Councilor Purnachander CI Raghupathi and staff participated in this program.