Only science has changed the course of the world: District SP Rahul Hegde IPS

On 09.12.2022, in Sircilla town of Rajannasircilla district, Rangineni Sujatha Mohan Rao Education & Charitable Trust inaugurated a three-day state level flint science celebrations organized by Jana Vigyan Vedika Telangana, for which SP Rahul Hegde attended as the chief guest.

SP said on this occasion that everyone becomes great in the future when they practice scientific knowledge from the student stage. Today society is very advanced but superstitions are increasing due to lack of scientific knowledge. Crimes are also increasing with these. In order to eradicate these, he called for science to be understood from the student stage. Moreover, the use of mobile phones among students and adults has increased tremendously in the current society. So they are caught in the trap of social media. Among them most are going the wrong way with wrong information that goes viral. Therefore, today there is a call to use the developing scientific technology in a proper way.

Later, he reminded the words of former director of CCMB, Dr. CH. Mohan Rao Garu said that Chekumuki Science Festival prepares every student to think scientifically from childhood. If you study science well, you can become a great scientist. So that the problems in the society can be solved with new inventions. Only then will India develop more rapidly. For this, the ideas of great scientists should be taken as inspiration.

Additional SP Chandraiah, DSP Viswaprasad, CIs Anil Kumar, Upender, Mogili, Venkatesh, Chairman of District Library Corporation Akunuru Shankaraiah, Founder of Trust Rangineni Mohan Rao, Children’s Literary Pattipaka Mohan, State President of Jan Vigyan Vedika Koya Venkateswara Rao were present in this program. Chief Secretary T. Srinath, Treasurer Varaprasad, State Committee Members C. Rama Raju, District President Gurram Anjaneyu, District Chief Secretary Sampathi Ramesh, President Marwadi Gangaraju and teachers and students of various districts participated.