Properties auctioned due to non- payment of loans – Illanthakunta mandal

In the state of Telangana, because the state government did not grant funds to the gram panchayats, the BJP Mandal president Bendram Tirupati Reddy was holding a dharna, as due to the non-release of funds by KCR government, the sanctified workers are unable to pay their salaries, believing the words of KCR, the village panchayat sarpanches took loans from banks to buy tractors, but if they do not pay the debts, the bankers send messages to the sarpanches to the secretaries, troubling and selling the panchayat properties by auction. In the past 70 years, the Gram Panchayats were not given debt in this way under any government regime, and the Sarpanchs were deprived of their rights by weakening the Panchayats. KCR used the central government funds for his own needs and did not pay the bills for the works done by the Sarpanchs. Ananda Reddy committed suicide, but the government has not provided any help to the family so far, KCR, who brought the situation where the panchayasarpanchs sold their properties and finally sold the books are demanding that funds of all panchayats in Illanthakunta mandal should be released immediately to save the panchayats. Sarpanch said that Bharatiya Janata Party will always be there for you. The police officials came to the dharna and spoke to the mandal development officer and promised to release the funds. .Raj, Mamidi. Harish, Vajjapelli. Srikanth, Sudula Kishan, Sudagoni. Srikanth, Eluka. Vardhan, Mamidio. Srikanth, Dayala.Raj, Punni. Raju, Punni.Prasant, Chukka. Ramesh, Taduri. Anil, Sudagoni. Raju, Kesaveni. Bhumesh, Jeripotula. Madhu, Durumutla. Prashanth, Salendri.Ajay, Sirikonda. Santosh, and others have participaterd in this dharna.