Pensioner’s death case investigation by DRDO- District collector Rajannasircilla district

In 2019, the then panchayat secretary cancelled the pension of old man Komuraiah citing death by mistake in his logins. They said that when this matter came to their attention earlier, they reported it to the CEO of Pension Restoration Serp. But still not restored. He said that once again a letter has been sent to restore the pension. They said that steps will be taken to get the old man Komuraiya’s pension back soon. So District Collector Anurag Jayanthi has responded to several media reports on the removal of Komuraiya pension of Rudravaram village in Vemulawada mandal. DRDO has been ordered to investigate the incident at the field level and submit the details. Additional DRDO Madan Mohan Kshetra submitted the preliminary report on the orders of District Collector.