PM robbing the poor and giving it to corporates- CPM district secretary Musham Ramesh

Today, as part of the call given by the Central Committee under the leadership of the CPM party, a protest program was organized at Sircilla Ambedkar Chowk against the anti-people policies being followed by BJP. CPM district secretary Musham Ramesh said that the prices of essential commodities are increasing day by day, salt, pulses, oil, gas cylinder, petrol and GST has also been imposed on the milk that children drink and the government of Narendra Modi is robbing the poor people in the name of taxes. He said that he is handing over the money to the public sector organizations that have been serving the people of India for many years and are serving the people of the country for many years.

He said that Narendra Modi is trying to bring new anti-farmer laws and anti-labour laws and make workers and farmers slaves to corporate forces. People should oppose the anti-people policies of Narendra Modi. He said that the BJP government should be suspended until the increased prices are reduced. He warned that if the increased prices are not reduced immediately, he will intensify the nationwide movements under the leadership of the CPM party. CPM party district committee members Kodam Ramana, Suram Padma, CPM party town secretary Sriram Sadanandam, CPM party town leaders Govindu Laxman, Udatta Ravi, Sirimalle Satyam, Bejagam Suresh, Nakka Devdas, Samala Kavitha, Gaddam Rajasekhar, Sripathi Muni, Mittapalli Rajamallu were present in this protest. , Ramesh Chandra, Sandhu Phala Pochamallu, Pogula Raju, Bhimanathini Naresh, Prakash and others participated.