Scary ‘pig butchering’ scams through Telegram group

RSD- Cybercrime news: Crimes are increasing at the same rate as the benefits of technology. Jobs, opportunity to get more profits with less investment, these things attract everyone. For this they are deceived. Some fraudsters are turning this hope of the people into an investment for themselves. This type of fraud is called pig butchering. Such frauds are increasing in India. Those who have already been victimized by such scams, reports say that the loss is in crores. Jiroda founder and CEO Nitin Kamat has given some suggestions on what to do in order not to fall victim to this fraud.

He has shared many things on Twitter about this matter. Nitin Kamath said that these frauds are taking place in the form of fake job offers, high compensation and investments in crypto. For this, fraudsters are deceiving other people in the name of love and friendship. Creating fake profiles and putting them in a trap. Later, they said that they are cheating by hoping for jobs and high profits.

In order not to fall victim to such scams, do not respond to messages from unknown people on social media platforms. If you are asked to download the app and open the link, do not do it under any circumstances. Do not take any decision in haste. If there is any suspicion that the other persons are committing any kind of fraud, the local police should be contacted immediately. Do not share Aadhaar, Passport, Bank details, PAN card details with anyone.