Municipal Commissioner caught by ACB for bribing mortgage land release

RSD- Janagama news: The municipal commissioner was caught in the trap of ACB officials in Janagama. The victim approached ACB after being demanded a bribe to release the mortgage of his land by municipal commissioner.

ACB raids in Janagama municipal office created a commotion. When the commissioner demanded a bribe from a person to release the mortgaged land, the ACB officials raided and caught municipal commissioner while he was taking the money. According to Warangal ACB DSP Sambaiah, the complete details are as follows. Chettipalli Raju of Lingala Ghanpur of Janagama district took permission for G Plus 3 building in Janagama town in the month of June 2022. In order to take permission, 10 percent of the land was mortgaged to Janagama Municipality and a certificate was taken from the office. After that, the building construction work was completed in September 2023 year. After all the works were completed, Raju made efforts to release the mortgaged 10 percent of the land. Municipal Commissioner Jampala Rajitha has to attend the sub registrar’s office and sign to release the land and demanded bribe for mortgage land release

Due to this, Chettipalli Raju contacted the Commissioner several times regarding the same. He begged to release his mortgaged land. But she kept on denying it. As a result, Raju has been suffering for two months. The commissioner, who expected money was being demanded a bribe of Rs. 50 thousand to release the mortgage land. After this, municipal commissioner finally agreed for Rs. 40 thousand upon begging by the victim. To this extent, municipal commissioner suggested that the amount should be handed over to municipal commissioner’s driver driver, Naveen.