Senior Citizen Day Care Centers – Rajannasircilla district

On 03.11.2022, the day care center for the elderly to be set up in the ST dormitory building in the Ellareddypet mandal center was inspected at the field level by district collector Anurag Jayanti. He asked the Panchayat Raj and Welfare Department officials to know the progress of the works. He directed the concerned authorities to take steps to enable one hundred elderly people to get Ashram. It is suggested that 15 beds should be provided temporarily. He said that the decision was taken to set up a center in the mandal center with the special initiative of Minister KTR, with the aim of preventing the elderly people without children in remote areas from becoming mentally depressed due to loneliness. It will be prepared in a fortnight with pleasant atmosphere. Facilities like news magazines, library and television will be provided. They want to ensure that play materials, awareness and health tests are conducted. It should be started by 15th November 2022. The District Collector was accompanied by District Welfare Department Officer Lakshmirajam, Panchayat Raj EE Surya Prakash, Tehsildar Jayantkumar, MPDO Chiranjeevi and others.