Serial crimes by Venkatesh – Police arrested him by PD Act

RSD_Serial crimes by Venkatesh

Singireddy Venkatesh, 31, of Neelojupalli village, Boinpalli mandal, has been involved in a series of crimes, causing disturbance to the peace and order, threatening all the people of the village, and acting contrary to the law. Going into the story Lacchi Reddy was not at home at that time and Venkatesh attacked his wife with an axe, she narrowly escaped, but he destroyed the gates of Lacchi Reddy’s house with an axe and terrified the people inside. A case was registered against Venkatesh in Boinapally police station regarding this attack, he fled away from the village for a few days and later surrendered in the Vemulawada court and went to jail. He spent some time in jail, and even after his release from jail there was no change in his behaviour, as he was disturbing the peace and order in the village with the intention of causing constant threat to the people of the village and committing serious crimes, Rajannasircilla District Collector Anurag Jayanthi implemented the PD Act on Singireddy Venkatesh. As per the orders of District Collector and District SP on 03-10-2022, Vemulawada Rural CI and Boinapally SI along with their staff took Singireddy Venkatesh into their custody by PD Act orders on him and shifted him to Charlapally Jail.