BRS is anti-farmer government says BJP leader

RSD-Sircilla news : Bolgam Nagaraju Goud speaks to all the farmers in the state. Tenth Ward Councilor BJP Floor Leader Bolgam Nagaraju Goud said that TRS, which claims to be a farmer’s government, is putting before you the frauds done to the farmers today. The TRS government has cheated the farmers by promising to waive off the loans. The bank officials are saying that soon the loan amounting to less than one lakh has not been waived in the process of loan renewal. However, the government which has said that it will waive off the loan of one lakh rupees has not been able to keep its promise. This government, which claims to be giving rythubandhu, misuses public money by illegally giving rythubandhu money to landowners with hundreds of acres, tree plantations and farmers. If the farmer’s welfare is really BRS concern, show sincerity by giving rythubandhu to the small tenant farmers who have less than five acres. Mallareddy, who is the minister of this state, said that there is 600 acres of land and they will get 6 lakh rupees rythubandhu. On this occasion, it is being informed that the farmers should understand that only Rythu Bandhu has cheated all the existing subsidies, crop damage compensation from the central government, subsidy on agricultural machinery, drip irrigation, micro irrigation and incentives from the central government by giving only Rythu Bandhu. He said that this government has formed Rythu Bandhu Coordinating Committees for the welfare of the farmers, but today no one knows where they are. If 2601 Rythu Vedikas were built in Telangana with central government funds, they have become useless today. This is how BRS says one thing and does another. So far nine years of Telangana rule have passed, our lives have not improved, our educated children are still unemployed. On this occasion, he called upon the farmers to oust the anti-farmer government and form a BJP-led farmer government in Telangana.