KCR assembly dispute in Baswapur, Tangallapally mandal

The leaders of the ruling party from Baswapur village of Tangallapalli mandal took some youth from the village to the open meeting of CM KCR in Jagityal. Liquor was given to those who were taken on the return journey. In this regard, violence among the youth who went to the meeting led to fights. Incidentally, the driver came to town and crushed the young man after getting off the bus, and the problem led to the Panchayat. Laxman’s son Saikrishna lamented at the district hospital that he called for the panchayat on 08.12.2022 morning and beat up his father Balasani Laxman indiscriminately without even considering that he was a disabled person. AMC director Mothe Mahesh and Mothe Balayya were called to talk about the fight that took place on 07.12.2022 night in the presence. Saikrishna told the media that Regula Devayya was crushed. Controversy stirs up in the peaceful Baswapur. The locals are angry that the youth who were taken for the meeting and drugged were taken off the bus and beaten up after coming to the village. The circumstances that led to the Panchayat became a topic of discussion in the district.