People questions irresponsibility of irrigation department- Telangana

In a meeting at Bhupalpalli, Etala Rajendra said that irrigation department should be most alert during monsoon season but officials went to tour Switzerland during floods and the government has given permission for it. Building houses for people who lost houses due to floods was the statement given by Telangana CM and that is only at Badhrachalam but lots of other areas have been under floods too. The lives of the people of the Godavari catchment area have been disrupted. Thousands of sacks of rice became waste due to floods in Manthani. All the shops are submerged in water. Electronic equipments have fallen down. The severity of the damage should be properly assessed and compensation should be paid to each house. Minister KCR should not back off from responsibility by blaming others. On behalf of the Bharatiya Janata Party it was also requested to the Center for help as this is the biggest flood after 1986 and hope for positive response soon.

Godavari experienced its worst floods in 1986 when a flood of 36 lakh cusecs occurred. The reason for the submergence of the catchment area, which now has only 25 lakh cusecs of water, the government should explain. CM KCR, who says that he is an engineer and the creator of Kaleswaram project, but he has not estimated the backwater that comes from building a dam. So, they sank due to construction defects. A scientific survey should be done on the existing back water and a permanent solution should be shown.

Medigadda and Annaram pump houses were drowned due to construction defects. So far 140 TMC has been pumped through the Kaleswaram project. 3080 crores have been spent on the electricity bill for this. If the electricity charges are Rs 5.80 per unit, it will be Increased to Rs. 6.30 paise. The fixed charges were increased from Rs 165 per kilowatt to Rs 275. Lifts from Godavari to Mid Maneru will cost Rs 27,000 per acre. Rs. 50 thousand per acre will be spent till Kondapochamma. 27 crores were spent to lift 1 TMC of water. As per the suspicions of former IAS officer Akunur Murali, with this much spending on the project managing of project is doubtful.  The construction of the pipeline is been opposed as it is too much costly and will not help to lift another TMC of water. This is just to collect commissions. Public money is being wasted. Today every village in Telangana has decided that KCR should be defeated. People are aware that every rupee that KCR gives is public money. People have lost faith in CM KCR and his promises. Only BJP has the ability to defeat CM KCR as per people’s trust and people are supporting it too.