Vehicle checks at check posts should be carried out impartially and strictly

RSD- District news: District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS advised the staff working at the check posts to conduct vehicle checks at the check posts in an impartial and strict manner in view of the commencement of the nomination process for the general assembly elections from tomorrow.

On 02.11.2023, the check posts of Jillella, Venkataravupalli-Badanakal and Peddamma were inspected and the registration of vehicles was checked and the police personnel directly inspected the vehicles at the field level. During the inspections, the personnel should act vigilantly and check the vehicles thoroughly to prevent illegal cash and liquor transportation. If there is information that money, liquor and other valuables are being taken to entice voters, they are advised to inform them by dialing 100 or the concerned police station. He said that strict action will be taken against anyone who commits acts of disturbance of law and order as per the election rules. DSP Uday Reddy and check post staff are with the SP.