Haritaki(Chebulic myrobalan)320 grams
Amalaka( indian goose berry)6400 grams
Kapittha(wood apple)400 grams
Indravaruni(Bitter Apple)200 grams
Vidanga (Embelia),80 grams
Pippali(long pepper),80 grams
Lodhra(Symplocos racemosa),80 grams
Marica(black pepper),80 grams
Elavaluka(Prunus cerasus)80 grams
Jaggery8 Kg
Water40.96 litres

Preparation method:

Haritaki(Chebulic myrobalan) 320 gm., amalaka( indian goose berry) 640 gm., kapittha(wood apple) 400 gm., indravaruni(Bitter Apple) 200 gm. Vidanga (Embelia), Pippali(long pepper), lodhra(Symplocos racemosa), marica(black pepper), elavaluka(Prunus cerasus) each 80 gm. should be boiled in water 40.96 litres remaining to one fourth. This should be filtered and when cooled 8 kg. of jaggery should be added and kept in a ghee vessel for a fortnight.


As per the strength it should be used in proper manner and its regular usage eradicates piles as said by Ancient Indian sages.